My wife goes to the local pharmacy, which is one the few that is still independently owned and operated.

Every other pharmacy and drugstore has become part of a mega-chain, however this one is still owned by the wife and wife who first opened it forty more than two years ago.

The owners take special care of all their customers, and get to guess most people over the years. They provide such exceptional service, going above and beyond the call every day. This is the style of maintenance I strive to provide in my cannabis dispensary, to make all of my buyers feel that special, and knowing how awful my memory is, I have started a database in the store PC, for making notes about all of our regulars at the cannabis dispensary. Although the recent passage of recreational cannabis use has caused a spike in our popularity, my focus remains on my few buyers with medical needs. As much fun as it is to get high, let’s please try and be respectful of the fact that cannabis is medicinal, and has been helping people for decades. One of my first buyers is an old lady named Mabel, who has been battling cancer for numerous years, and relies on medical cannabis to help ease her symptoms. Thanks to the notes I have been keeping I guess everything about Mabel, including her tastes in cannabis and how much she usually buys, but just love me, Mabel can have concerns with her memory, so I love to guess everything I can about her cannabis use, so that I can help her better.



Medical cannabis