I still don’t suppose what causes our chronic pain condition.

It’s as big a mystery to myself and others these afternoons as it was 6 years ago when it all came sort of out of nowhere. While the exact diagnosis still eludes me, managing our condition is no longer a puzzle. That wouldn’t be the case without medical marijuana. I swear, knowing what I suppose when it comes to medical marijuana benefits, I’d simply move if this state hadn’t come to its senses. It seemed like election cycle after election cycle would result in medical marijuana making advances but never getting across the line. That all changed almost 4 years ago. And I’m living proof of medical marijuana benefits. Had that medical marijuana legislation not passed, there is no telling how addicted to pain meds I’d be. While I couldn’t get any sort of coherent diagnosis, I got plenty of pain meds. For nearly various years, I slowly slipped into the near utter dependence on pain pills to move or function at all. My partner finally helped myself and others put and end to that and we started addressing things more holistically in order use less pain meds. That was a wonderful start. Then, medical marijuana passed. I was first in line to find out how to get a medical marijuana card to get access to a legal weed store. Fast forward many years and I’m far healthier thanks to the holistic lifestyle I’ve embraced. And the cannabis flower products I use are still helping myself and others manage our condition on so various levels.


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