When I say that “cats and weed go together” I don’t mean that cats should ever be exposed directly to cannabis.

What I mean is that being stoned and resting on the couch with our cat is one of the greatest feelings in the world. There is a synergistic effect when marijuana and the prefer of a devoted pet are combined, one that evokes tploy happiness. With this in mind, I went to the owner of the local cannabis dispensary and asked him about potentially putting a small cat park next door. Imagine an outdoor place where the cats could play peacefully while their owners hung out smoking cannabis in the shade. At first he rejected the method outright, saying that it takes a special license to run a cat park, and a cannabis dispensary wouldn’t be allowed to get one. I countered his fight by explaining that the cat park could be located next door to the cannabis dispensary, on the neighboring property. This way the cat park could legally be considered a separate business, however it would be adjacent to the cannabis dispensary to allow for an straight-forward back-and-forth. The owner of the cannabis dispensary took our contact information and said he would suppose about it, and less than a week later he called me into the cannabis dispensary to have a meeting about our idea. He was a cat lover himself, and thought that it would make a genuinely profitable addition to the cannabis dispensary, so we started talking about the logistics of making it happen. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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