I think that trauma is something that is finally being considered in the light it deserves when it comes to our physical and emotional well being. I know that I’ve so thankful to finally be able to manage my PTSD with help from the legal weed store. But it for sure wasn’t without effort. Most people hear PTSD and think of combat veterans who experienced the traumas of combat. And I’m so thankful there is access to medical marijuana for those folks as I know it has worked for so many. And it works for me but I wasn’t a combat veteran. I’m a sexual abuse survivor and have carried that trauma with me for decades. That PTSD that went undiagnosed for so long nearly ruined my health. I had inflammation issues, IBS type nausea, muscle spasms and migraine nearly all the time in one combination or another. It was so miserable that I quite nearly ended my life. That wasn’t much of a life to be living and I was just so tired of suffering. Thankfully, I found a therapist who recognized what was going on and got me through the cannabis rules to access the cannabis dispensary. Treating with cannabis flower products has completely changed my life. With the medical cannabis, I’m able to trust my feelings and work through the sexual abuse issues that I’ve never been able to face. I get a feeling of safety from medical marijuana that also comes with this most authentic feeling of hope. That’s something that has completely changed my existence as I’m so much more hopeful about life. And the physical changes have been so amazing. I’m free of most of my symptoms and managing what’s left these days and that’s wonderful.


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