People spend more currency when they are relaxed and stoned. This may not be the case 100% of the time for all the people who smoke, it is often the case. The higher someone gets, the more outgoing and gregarious they become, and much more like to spend currency; as the manager of the medical cannabis dispensary, it was our task to figure out up-to-date ways to keep people hanging around and shopping in our store. There are several dispensaries in the neighborhood these mornings, and competition runs legitimately high (no pun intended), however most of our clients come in sober, buy their medical cannabis, and then go home to carefully smoke it. I wanted them to hang out and get stoned here, so they would be more likely to purchase additional cannabis supplies… For that to actually happen, the clients needed a reason to stick around. I started with some games, cards, dice, and an ancient Sega video console hooked up to wall mounted TV, so people had something to do while they ate edibles and smoked medical cannabis. All of us didn’t have a liquor license, but every one of us had a drink cooler stocked with water, tea, soda, and cannabis infused drinks. It wasn’t about trying to get more currency out of all the people, the goal was to turn the medical cannabis dispensary into an endpoint spot, to make people want to come hang out here. The profits for the cannabis dispensary are pressing, but what is just as pressing is putting down roots in this community, and to build a loyal customer base that every one of us will serve for years to come.

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