My favorite thing about the dispensary is the conversation.

Everyone goes there to get their supplies, but very few of these people walk through the door without having a buzz on.

If you have weed at home, it always sounds like a good idea to get high before going to buy more weed, right? The problem is that feeling so loose and mellow might lead to long conversations with the budtenders, and spending a lot more money than you had budgeted. These are the risks you take when smoking out before going to the cannabis dispensary, but it can lead to such great conversations! Sometimes I think that part of the employee training at the cannabis dispensary is simply learning how to talk to the customers, and how to keep them talking. The longer someone stays inside the cannabis dispensary, the more money they are likely to spend, so it behooves the budtenders to keep everyone talking for as long as possible! Even so, I still love chatting up the men and women working at the cannabis dispensary, because I always learn something new. As much as I love smoking cannabis, I really don’t understand any of the science behind it. These folks know all the ins and outs of modern day cannabis cultivation, including a fair amount of math! I love how all the different cannabis strains are labeled, not just with their name but their THC content and other factoids, too. I never leave the cannabis dispensary empty-handed, and depending on who I talk to I may walk out with way too much!


Cannabis dispensary