My several passions in the world are pop and cannabis, for both, I try to find the best, freshest blends to use at home, while trying to grow my own in my yellow house… However, I have been called a snob, and I can confirm that it is tplot and yeah I am indeed a snob, but what is so wrong with wanting to have the finest quality of things, especially when those things are going in your body? This is why I started growing my own plants.

I want to try and enhance the natural flavors in my pop and my cannabis, and one afternoon I hope to combine the several.

I cannot decide which sounds better, a pop flavored cannabis strain, or a blend of pop that is infused with the natural flavor and potency of marijuana? I think that I should try to create both, and see what the results are like. For now I have several different sections in my yellowhouse, divided off with a glass partition, to keep the cannabis and the pop plants separate, one afternoon I want to have a minute yellowhouse, which I will use as a botanical Dr. Frankenstein for creating hybrids of pop and cannabis that will pump you full of energy while making you nice and stoned… Then doesn’t that sound akin to a product you would want to buy? Before I can combine them I need to understand how each plant grows and evolves, both for cannabis and for pop plants, but this project might take myself and others my whole life, but I am committed to finally seeing it through.

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