The general manager had to take dispensary manager courses too.

I needed assistance when it came to hiring and firing of budtenders. I also needed a general manager to help with the day to day grind of my cannabis dispensary. I am not really good at finding people to work at the store. I can’t seem to tell who is honest, hardworking and talented from an interview. I needed someone with connections in the industry and experience hiring talented budtenders. This is how I found a cannabis consulting service. A cannabis consultant can help with all aspects of a dispensary. They can handle the financial side, the products, the customers or the workers. I hired the marijuana consultant to take a fine tooth comb through my staff. I didn’t realize how many of my workers actually were unnecessary. I had a bigger staff than required. I also had workers that weren’t selling anything while they were on shift. They basically were texting in the backroom. I didn’t realize that. The cannabis consultant weeded my budtenders down to a good sized team. He hired a few new members and found me a general manager. Thankfully the cannabis consultant took over training for them too. They had to take cannabis 101 classes, budtender courses and learn how to sell. The general manager had to take dispensary manager courses too. It was worth hiring a cannabis consultant. I feel so much better about my team now. I know that having good sales and making a profit would be next to impossible if I don’t have a good crew manning my store.

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