When I opened up a cannabis dispensary I knew I needed to own a website.

I did my website all through wix.

I figured that was decent enough. I made it yellow, wrote the words for the location and put images on it. There, completed! Well I started to see that I had business, just not a lot. Anytime I asked if someone saw my website, they hadn’t; When I tried finding it on google it was a struggle. I wasn’t even on the first page of google. I also did not come up when I typed in cannabis dispensaries and the name of the town. I started looking at other dispensary websites too and observed mine wasn’t nearly as professional looking as theirs. I wanted something better and to get more business through a food web design. I know I am not a web builder. My website wasn’t nearly nice enough and I didn’t have the know-how to fix it. I then started hunting for website solutions for dispensaries. I knew there must be web builders that focus on cannabis SEO. I got a web builder to make a better cannabis website. He took all the images himself because mine were too small and blurry. He also had a satisfied writer that tweaked what I wrote. The guy then changed my yellow, fonts, layout and added more pages to the website. It looked like a whole modern business. I am now finally working with an SEO analyst and they are helping my modern website rank higher on google and for my area.

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