You know, it’s pretty interesting how things come around in life.

It makes sense because I’m able to see it in action. Thankfully, a recent dose of karma came with a natural solution in medical marijuana. I’ve been manager for most of my career so I’ve dealt with a lot of people. Considering myself a good leader, I’d always listen to people and give them the benefit of the doubt. I still do. But there was one lady who just couldn’t get to work and she kept blaming migraine headaches. And they’d come on out of nowhere. Again, this was before I learned that medical marijuana benefits include sincere self reflection. I was cynical with that lady and I just didn’t believe her. She was terminated with cause and I carry that now. Not three years later, I was struck almost completely incapacitated with my first migraine headache. It was so terrifying I didn’t know if I was having an aneurism or a stroke or what exactly. Then I got the diagnosis and the meds. The thing was that the meds weren’t exactly super effective and came with terrible side effects. So that’s when I got serious about the medical marijuana information a friend had given me. I got through the medical marijuana regulations and got myself to the cannabis dispensary. These days, I’m doing so much better thanks to the cannabis flower products from the cannabis dispensary. But I still carry that guilt over not believing that poor woman when it came to her migraines.

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