When my neighbor first bought the old college bus I had to laugh! Six months later, that old junky green bus was now a sleek, awesome-looking black in addition to green celebration wagon, however Bill converted the inside into an RV, with a bed, a lounge area, a small home office, in addition to even a lavatory! It was big enough to live in for a weekend, so Bill asked me to come into the mountains with him for some fishing in addition to relaxing, then we both brought our wives, in addition to the RV was so big that all of us all had plenty of room to spread out in addition to prefer the weekend, it turns out that Bill had an old patch of cannabis plants up in the woods, in addition to he thought they would be ready to harvest.

I had no idea Bill was so big into growing cannabis, however he told me he came up to the mountains twice a year to check in addition to harvesting his crops… Then now I understood why Bill spent so much time working on the old bus, because he would be using it for cannabis runs for the rest of his life, but as a man with a healthy appetite for medical cannabis, I of course volunteered my services to help him with the harvest… That was one of the most wonderful weekends of my life, because all of us spent the morning cutting down cannabis plants in addition to hanging them to dry… In addition, then the night in the bus with our wives.

If all of us could come along for every future cannabis harvest I would be a blissful man.

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