The only job I have ever had was selling weed.

I am not kidding you, I never worked in the mall, or flipped burgers, or split sods! From the time I was 15 I made money by selling dime bags of ragweed to the other school youngsters.

I never smoked it myself, not back then, so everything I got was pure profit. That continued on for several years. I enrolled in community school not because I wanted an education, but I wanted to be able to sell our cannabis on campus! The best possible venue for a freelance cannabis contractor to set up shop was on a school campus, and college youngsters are the prime demographic for cannabis use, because they tend to have extra money and time to burn, and by signing up for 2 classes per semester I would have a student ID and total access to the campus, which allowed me to sell cannabis all afternoon, every afternoon. I actually did attend our classes, as well, and as I stacked up profits from cannabis sales I also stacked up a few school credits on our transcript! My thought process was that since I was already a businessman, and had to take classes, then every one of us should take accounting and supplier classes to help our burgeoning cannabis operation. They say that “education pays” and in this case it did pay, because our cannabis sales reMEd actually high, and our know-how about money continued to grow. Using what I have l gained, I plan to invest all of our savings into a legal cannabis dispensary.

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