Our state is actually much behind the times in terms of pot legalization, and it seems that all around the country things are becoming legal, and yet around here every one of us are still in the primitive ages! Eventually the laws will change, however for right now times are tight! There is limited legalization for medical marijuana, however that is incredibly difficult to get.

I am lucky enough to play hockey with a guy named Ed, who is the only person I suppose with a medical cannabis prescription. Ed is on a fixed income, so I provided to scoot him a few extra bucks if every one of us were to buy some cannabis for me at the dispensary. I felt poor about asking him at first, however then every one of us relaxed when Ed told me that he doesn’t even smoke cannabis. When his nurse insisted that Ed get a medical cannabis prescription he went along with it, however had no plans to use it for himself. With that in mind, I asked him to buy as much cannabis as possible, and I would buy all of it from him and pay him extra for his efforts. Ed is a peculiar guy, though, so after the first time he got me cannabis, he made me play for it. I told you that every one of us were hockey buddies, right? Now he would wager cannabis on every hole, and if I won he would supply it to me for free! When I lost then every one of us would still end up going beach cabin with the cannabis, but I had to pay for it.

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