When I first heard about restless leg syndrome, I flashed on an old sitcom episode.

In that episode one of the characters said he couldn’t stay over at his girlfriend’s house because she had the Jimmy legs.

Well, thanks to some great cannabis flower products I get at the cannabis dispensary, my wife is sleeping a lot better. I was diagnosed with restless leg syndrome. It’s a weird condition that feels even weirder. But it really and significantly impacted my life. I ended up in the guest room for one thing. My poor wife was kept as awake by my restless leg condition as I was. So she had to sleep if I was going to be twitching and shaking both of my legs. The stuff the doctor gave me helped some. But I really didn’t like the way that it sort just knocked me out. Plus, unlike the cannabis flower products that I’m using, I was really so foggy the next day. So it was like trading one problem for another. That’s when I started to research the medical marijuana benefits for my situation. There was plenty of medical marijuana information out there to convince me to learn how to get my medical marijuana card. Since I that first visit to the legal weed store, I’ve been feeling better. Once I started treating with the cannabis flower products I got at the cannabis dispensary, relief was almost immediate. Now, I’m back in the big bed with my wife and sleeping like a baby. It’s great to be able to live in a state where we can access the medical marijuana benefits inside the cannabis dispensary and do it legally.

Medical Cannabis Cards