They say that scared money doesn’t make money, but I suppose this to be false.

I made a actually large profit on our last venture, and I was terrified the entire time; So our money was indeed “scared” and yet I came out of it perfectly.

The only question remains – will I do it again? At this point I have a couple of people willing to be respected buyers, however our splitting of the law is sure to keep causing me extra stress. Is it worth the extra money to resell the weed I buy at the cannabis dispensary for a profit? There is actually a lot of math involved on this, because there is a maximum amount of cannabis I am allowed to buy legally. When you get a legal cannabis card you are free to purchase products from any dispensary in the state, and however, all the dispensaries are tied together by a computer network that tracks your purchases, so that you can’t ever buy too much cannabis… Once you hit your maximum for the time period, you are split off and no cannabis dispensaries will sell to you! This means I have a limited amount of cannabis that I can buy and then resell, so I need to maximize our profits, and another factor to consider is that I also love to smoke cannabis, and every gram I sell is a gram I cannot smoke myself! I have to decide what is more important for me, being able to get high, or the profits I will make from selling that cannabis to someone else.

Marijuana business