My old roommate plus I had another woman living with us for 10 months plus then she skipped out on her rent plus slipped away forever without saying anything to us.

All of us had to find someone new to abruptly rent her room, because my roommate plus I could not afford to pay the rent on our own.

All of us put an ad on Google plus had lots of interested people. All of us interviewed several people for the bedroom however only a handful of people had enough money to move in. I required first plus last month’s rent plus a security deposit. All of us made our selection plus chose a local woman that worked close to the apartment. Kim had references plus the money necessary to move in immediately. All of us never performed a background check on Kim plus now I’m starting to guess that may have been a mistake. Someone stole marijuana from my dining room while I was working. This type of concern has never happened in the past plus I have been using recreational marijuana products over the past more than two years. I asked Kim if she saw the bag of marijuana. She had a undoubtedly different look on her face, although she said no. I spoke to the other roommate about Kim plus she does not guess there are any problems. She suggested that I misplaced the bag of marijuana or possibly smoked all of it plus forgot. I suppose I will put a padlock on my dining room door plus keep my eyep plus ears open for any trouble or problems. My roommate won’t second guess me unless I have some proof.

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