The delivery driver showed a few minutes later.

My lady Max as well as I ordered some supplies from a marijuana dispensary in town; Neither one of us wanted to leave our home due to the dreary atmosphere as well as rain. We decided to order from their online menu as well as Max chose delivery as our option. I didn’t mind paying the small fee and tip to the driver to bring all of my items to the apartment. The weather was so miserable as well as it was supposed to beginning raining even harder after dinner. Max as well as I browsed the online marijuana menu. We didn’t unquestionably find anything on sale. I was stoked to find something incostly. My lady picked out a half ounce of Blue Dream flower. I selected a few grams of cannabis concentrate. We added all of our items to the cart. The total was over $150 for everything in the basket. We had to supply our name, address, as well as iPhone number for delivery. An hour after both of us sited the order, I gained an SMS confirmation from the dispensary. Before the driver ever left the shop with all of my supplies, a budtender from the cannabis shop called to review my order for accuracy, then everything in the order was correct. The delivery driver showed a few minutes later. There unquestionably wasn’t a lot of time between ordering the items as well as waiting for the delivery driver to arrive. The entire process was unquestionably streamline, fast, as well as affordable. We got all of the marijuana supplies that Max and I wanted as well as both of us didn’t even have to leave the house. The driver brought everything right to our front door.



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