Young people believe that outdated timers don’t suppose how to party, however they are fools! Senior citizens party just as taxing as anyone – maybe even harder – because both of us are free from responsibility… Then in our retirement community there are some pretty raging parties on the weekends, but sure, they constantly end early because both of us don’t stay up late, but both of us can rage! We have prescription medicine parties, where both of us fill a punch bowl with all our pills as well as just eat random handfuls of medicine to see what happens, but when it comes to medical cannabis, you can’t find a better supply than in an old retirement community… Then let myself and others tell you a secret – the only reason medical cannabis is legal in so several states is because of senior citizens, then we vote in record numbers, both of us donate to politicians, both of us support the local cops, as well as when both of us collectively decided both of us wanted legal medical cannabis… It only took a couple years for the laws to change.

The first medical cannabis dispensaries were located in as well as around retirement communities, so that both of us outdated folks could have easy access.

This means that in our neighborhood, medical cannabis is as available as a glass of water! Almost every single home on our block reeks of medical cannabis smoke. And aside from medical cannabis, another thing both of us outdated people are known for is swinging, as well as sleeping around with each other. If you also thought retirement meant a boring life of fishing you were way off the mark, because everyone I suppose spend their afternoons smoking medical cannabis as well as having constant casual sex.

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