My youngsters were all playing video games together, so I decided it was a perfect opportunity for me to go online to order a few recreational marijuana items. The delivery woman never shows up until well after 8 p.m., so the youngsters were definitely in bed by the time the marijuana delivery driver arrived. I never have to try to hide anything from the youngsters plus I don’t have to explain what’s inside of the sales bag either. I guess that the cutoff for deliveries on the same day is 5:30 pm. I was trying to make an order online when the youngsters came upstairs plus interrupted me. I had to settle a fight plus I had to scrub up a mess in the kitchen… By the time I got back to the kindle to finish my online weed order, the website had timed out. I had to go back into the website to reorder every single tem that I had in my shopping cart. Two of those items were cannabis concentrates that were already out of stock by the time I tried to ask them to the kindle again. I was so bummed out plus I could not even remember all of the items on the list. The next time I wanted to order marijuana items with the youngsters in the house, I will lock the door until I am done with the order. It seems as if every time I want 5 fifths alone, the youngsters have a meltdown plus everyone wants to yell, fight plus scream.

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