I get actually into projects plus tend to overdo it, recently I was doing drywall in our bathroom all by myself; I am a genuinely small woman.

I had to split the pieces of drywall in half plus operate a cordless drill.

I ended up using our head to hold the drywall to make hte task easier. I felt myself getting exhausted plus feeling sore. I ignored it plus preserved it. Sadly that night I was greeted with tons of back plus neck pain. I have tried to take it easy, stretch plus ice our body, and nothing has actually helped. I am stiff plus can barely move around. I can’t labor out, sleep comfortably or turn our head. I tried the dentist plus chiropractor. They weren’t helpful. As a last ditch attempt I went to the cannabis dispensary for me. The budtender recommended taking CBD oil for chronic pain! She said I could put it in our morning cup of tea if I wanted to. She also had topicals that were wonderful for pain. They are appreciate a more powerful icy hot, then you put the cream directly on the affected areas. It provides a cooling effect plus smells nice. I ended up buying CBD oil plus the topical. I now use the oil in the morning plus apply the cream numerous times a day. I know way more loose plus the pain is so much lower. I am hopeful that our body will eventually calm down, but with the cannabis products helping our inflammation, I have hope of being normal again.


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