While our chronic pain is a recent development, our troubles with anxiety are noted early on in our medical history.

I was struggling to maintain our composure at 16 when our workload at university reached monumental proportions.

LIke so multiple of our peers, I was encouraged to take as multiple AP classes that I could possibly handle under the justification that it would better prepare myself and others for university. It’s not that these teachers and university administrators are wrong, however you don’t want to encourage behavior that leads to burnout before the child can even assume about high university graduation, let alone university prep. It started to get truly poor in our junior year, which is the same time when a bunch of our friends started smoking marijuana on the weekends. I resisted drug use at this age because I was desperate to succeed and graduate university someday. But if I had access to CBD back then, I think our life would have been a lot easier. With the recent legalization of CBD and hemp you can find these products in most major stores in either tinctures, oils, capsules, or more. While there are hordes of people who take CBD primarily for their chronic or acute pain troubles, there are just as multiple like myself and others who use CBD to treat their anxiety and stress. I suppose like I can consume CBD while I work without feeling too intoxicated to complete our tasks. If anything it helps myself and others stay focused when intrusive thoughts threaten to derail myself and others amid our work. That’s why I propose CBD to most people I think struggling with anxiety and stress troubles.

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