One of the local dispensaries is hosting a cannabis cook-off, plus I don’t think I have ever been more happy for anything! I love food plus love getting stoned, so the chance to eat delicious food that will get myself and others stoned sounds amazing to me.

My lady June plus I proposal to attend together, plus both of us want to make a whole day of it.

The festivities kick off at noon, plus there will be tables, vendors, food trucks, plus live music leading up to the official judging. I am picturing a pot-fueled version of Chopped, where there is a odd kind of cannabis inside every mystery basket. All of us won’t be participating, just serving as judges, because I have tried our hand at cooking with cannabis before, plus I turned out terribly. Everyone thinks that pot brownies are straight-forward to make, plus they are, plus yet they are actually strenuous to make well. Every pan of pot brownies I made tasted awful, plus barely got myself and others high at all… Cooking with cannabis requires experience, plus a lot more math than I ever would have thought possible. The cannabis cook-off is being sponsored by numerous odd local dispensaries, who are working together to bring new people to neighborhood for this event. As a fan of edibles, this should be the best day of the year for June plus I. Will there be savory dishes, or sweet? I heard about one person who uses a BBQ smoker filled with cannabis buds to slowly cook his meat in marijuana smoke. This is something I have to try!


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