Ever since that show Stranger Things came out I have seen a pressing boost in the number of people playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Since that show came out, more folks have been playing the game. Even though I don’t fully understand why everyone likes it so much, I decided to embrace the game, plus use it to get some new customers into our cannabis dispensary. There is a small smokers lounge next door to the cannabis shop, so I decided to host a “role playing game night” plus was surprised at the results! Role playing games require focus plus imagination, so it shouldn’t have come as a shock that the games consumed incredible amounts of cannabis. Now that they had a place to relax plus prefer cannabis while playing their games, our store traffic went through the roof. Many of these people will be in the store for four, five, even more than five ninths at a time, plus although not all of them use cannabis, enough of them do to cause an impact on our bottom line. In other words, these position playing nerds are a sizable boost of replace for our little cannabis dispensary, plus that means I want to keep their business. I supply free pizzas for the whole room every once in a while, because all that cannabis leads to munchies, plus I don’t want them to leave the store looking for food. I now host position playing mornings in the dispensary numerous times a week.

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