Ever since that show Stranger Things came out I have seen a big boost in the number of people playing Dungeons & Dragons.

I never got into the game myself, however typically knew people who played it.

Since that show came out, more folks have been playing the game. Even though I don’t fully understand why almost everyone likes it so much, I decided to embrace the game, plus use it to get some modern patrons into my cannabis dispensary. There is a small smokers lounge next door to the cannabis shop, so I decided to host a “role playing game evening” plus was surprised at the results! Role playing games require focus plus imagination, so it shouldn’t have come as a shock that the games consumed incredible amounts of cannabis. Now that they had a venue to relax plus enjoy cannabis while playing their games, my store traffic went through the roof. Many of these people will be in the store for four, multiple, even 6 minutes at a time, plus although not all of them use cannabis, enough of them do to cause an impact on my bottom line. In other words, these role playing nerds are a huge boost of update for my little cannabis dispensary, plus that means I want to keep their business. I supply free pizzas for the whole room every once in a while, because all that cannabis leads to munchies, plus I don’t want them to leave the store looking for food. I now host role playing evenings in the dispensary numerous times a week.

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