I like smoking dried cannabis bud.

I enjoy paying a visit to the local dispensary, spending some time and browsing my options.

Most dispensaries carry a huge selection of smokable flower. There are thousands of strains available from some of the most well-known and well-respected brands. I have my choice of lots of indicas, sativas and hybrids in everything from incredibly high to very low THC percentages. I love debating over terpenes, checking out textures and examining the trichomes and pistils. The only thing I don’t like is the rolling process. I can’t roll a decent joint to save my life. I add too much weed or not enough, making them too fat or too thin. I roll them too tight or too loose and end up with a joint that burns too fast or keeps needing to be relit. I make a mess and waste a lot of the very expensive flower in the process. I need to keep a rolling tray, papers and various gear available. I’ve finally given up and started purchasing pre-rolls. They have made the cannabis experience so much better. Most of my favorite brands and strains are available in pre-rolled joints, blunts and cannagars. They are wonderfully affordable and incredibly easy. All I need to do is light up, sit back and inhale. They are perfect every time, delivering a consistent and smooth burn as well as amazing flavor. I can still get the depth of terpenes and percentage of cannabinoids that I prefer with none of the work or frustration. I like that pre-rolls can be purchased as singles. The singles are so affordable that I can try new strains without a big investment. I can also buy packs for a more plentiful supply. I especially like the pre-rolls that are infused with kief for a boost of potency.

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