I can indulge without anyone knowing that I’m consuming cannabis

I am a long-time fan of cannabis. I especially enjoy tasty cannabis-infused edibles. In recent years, cannabis edibles have significantly improved in texture, flavor and variety. Along with the traditional brownies and gummies, the shelves at the dispensary are filled with cookies, hard candies, chocolates, mints and cooking oils. There are peanut butter cups, popcorn and even cannabis-infused ice creams. Edibles are incredibly easy. There are no special skills or gear required. They create no odors, ash, smoke or mess. They are discreet, convenient and allow for accurate dosing. The label explains exactly what I’m getting. My local dispensary features an on-site bakery and creates original and unique edibles out of the top quality ingredients. With edibles, the cannabinoids are absorbed through the digestive tract. Because of this, the effects can take several hours to be fully realized. The effects are typically more intense and longer lasting than other consumption methods. During my last visit to the dispensary, I happened to notice a shelf of cannabis-infused beverages. There are now tonics, mocktails, cannabeer, colas, root beers and lemonades available. While these drinks are technically edibles, the cannabinoids are getting sublingually absorbed for a quicker onset of effects. They are super convenient and make dosing even easier. I don’t need to worry about a cannabis beverage melting in my backpack on a hike. I can indulge without anyone knowing that I’m consuming cannabis. They are a great option for socializing with friends. A cannabis beverage offers a healthier alternative to an alcoholic beverage. I can mellow out and have a great time without damaging my liver or worrying about a hangover in the morning.


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