I like to visit the local cannabis dispensary on a Saturday.

Because I’m off from work, I can take my time and browse.

I look to see what is featured on the weekly deal and check to see if there are any new products, brands or strains available. A few weeks ago, I discovered cannabis lozenges. I not only use cannabis for recreational enjoyment but also to treat symptoms of anxiety. I prefer those consumption methods that are more discreet. I stay away from smokable flower because of the smell, ash and extra gear it requires. I’m not a fan of dabbing or vapes and usually choose a tincture, edible, topical or capsule. Lozenges might be my new favorites. They are made by extracting cannabinoids such as THC and CBD and mixing them with butter-like substances and a bit of sugar. They form into a hard candy that dissolves slowly in the mouth. The lozenges are available in some great flavors, including grape, lemon and strawberry, and offer a variety of potency levels. They are a really effective way to medicate without a lot of effort or mess. I’ve noticed that lozenges are easy on my stomach, and because of sublingual absorption, deliver fairly rapid onset of effects. I can eat a whole one or bite them into smaller portions. They are great for helping me relax in social situations without anyone realizing that I’m consuming cannabis. The effects typically last up to 3 hours and are rather potent. I am delighted to discover something new, beneficial and portable.


Blue dream