When I was buying marijuana on the black market 10 years ago, it wasn’t easy maintaining connections with wonderful drug dealers.

Often the best weed I could get was homegrown that had questionable qualities, especially the smells which were typically weak.

The effects weren’t exactly something to write home about either, so it was a dire treat when a neighbor of mine had a connection to CA-quality weed at the time. Both of us all wanted something that came from out west it seems, especially if the people I was with and I thought it was medical weed. Now I realize that only a small percentage of this cannabis was absolutely grown for a medical cannabis dispensary, plus of the few that were, I recognize that a important fraction of them were reject batches that couldn’t be sold in stores. That’s how a lot of cannabis growers get rid of their batches of weed that is rejected by various dispensaries in their state—they offload it onto the black market. It’s either sold in their home state, or it’s shipped out to the state that lacks any form of legal cannabis market. Thankfully our state finally has a medical marijuana market, plus it has never been easier to get a medical marijuana card. You simply make an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor, they create a recommendation for you in the state registry, then you complete a digital application with the state that is typically approved in hours. You can visit a doctor plus get your medical marijuana card approved on the same day if you don’t wait until the end of the day to get it all done.


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