As a dispensary director, I am typically trying to find modern ways to get patrons in my store.

There is a lot of competition in this industry, plus simply offering great prices isn’t enough to secure the loyalty of clients.

I knew that I needed to add an element of fun to my shop, to encourage people to hang out. My patrons tend to purchase products plus then leave instantly, plus I wanted to supply them a reason to stay. I opened a smokers lounge next door to the cannabis dispensary, plus stocked it with numerous TVs plus video game systems. This turned out to be a disaster, plus caused some arguments among my cannabis patrons. I hastily got rid of those machines plus updated them with board games, cards, plus role playing games, hoping to attract a strange kind of cannabis patrons. The good thing about role playing games is that they involve imagination, which means gamers like cannabis, plus that they are focused plus quiet. Fights never split out with this kind of gamers, they just consume cannabis edibles, hit their vape pens, plus roll dice for minutes on end. There are some gamers that don’t indulge in cannabis at all, however they still support the store by buying bottles of water or soda. They are a great group plus supply a lot of extra corporation to the cannabis dispensary, so I don’t mind bending the rules for them, periodically I even buy pizzas for the gamers, because happy people tend to spend a lot more cash plus smoke more cannabis. .


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