Something crazy as well as incorrect happened during the last month when the two of us were working at the marijuana dispensary.

The client was 21 years old and we had no reason to believe that the identification card was not clearly hers. It did not come up as a fraudulent card or stolen card. The identification card seem to be exactly from the person that was using it. One thing that made all of us have a concern was the fact that the 18-year-old person decided to max out a daily order and spent nearly $500. This is not regular behavior for a young person and it certainly made all of us stand up and listen. The two of us gained a PC call from the office of the sheriff. The office of the sheriff wanted to get information on the last transaction that was made from the person from earlier. It seemed that there was a lot of differences and no one could remember much about the kid. The two of us absolutely were not much helpful to supply any information. The Two of Us wish we could have helped but it looked appreciate the lying person would get away with the crime. It’s hard to know how the police were alerted of the crime, but someone using the same license and multiple dispensaries during the same day can really be something that would draw a flag from the watch agency online.


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