Saturday night, my friends and I were hanging out at my apartment and Jack said we should order some recreational marijuana from a local dispensary.

I hadn’t smoked weed for several months, so it honestly sounded like a fun idea to me.

I offered to pay half of the delivery fees so we could order from the dispensary.I use my phone to go online to look at the specials and deals that were going on at the dispensary. They really didn’t have any good deals other than a buy one and get one free promotion on cannabis edibles. I really don’t buy cannabis edibles, because they aren’t very potent. It would take about 100 mg of THC to feel the effects and that would cost $20 or more. For $20 I can get high five or six times with a gram of concentrate. Jack and I picked out a lot of different products from the cannabis dispensary website. The total for our order was more than $150, so Jack and I did not have to pay any delivery fees at all. We waited around for a while and then we received a telephone call from the manager of the dispensary. She gave us the total for our order minus any discounts and then she told us that the delivery driver should be arriving within an hour. The whole process of ordering marijuana online was quick and easy and the driver showed up with our items much quicker than it takes to get a pizza from downtown, especially on a Saturday night.

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