Even though cannabis sales as well as growing are legal in the state, the government still takes the laws truly seriously, however they try to slow down any person that applies for a supplier license related to the cannabis industry, however in order to grow cannabis, you have to have a special grower’s license from the state.

I applied for a license to grow cannabis.

The entire process took about a year. I had to hire a Consulting repair to help myself and others fill out all of the application paperwork. There were about 30 pages of paperwork as well as all of them were taxing to understand as well as hard to read, then when I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to do it on our own, I contacted the consulting firm to help. I was thankful as well as truly lucky to have the cannabis Consulting firm. The lawyers as well as specialists helped myself and others fill out all of the paperwork as well as they knew the tricks to keep the paperwork from being sent back numerous or several times, however my license as well as application went through the truly first time… Unfortunately, I did not apply for a license to package as well as process cannabis. I did not realize that would require a separate license. Until I can pay the fees for the separate packaging license, all of our products have to go to a facility that is licensed to package as well as ship marijuana products. It is an extra charge that I hate to pay as well as an unnecessary expense in our opinion. If I am growing marijuana, apparently I am going to need to package it in order to ship or sell it.


Cannabis consulting service