To you, having access to a legal dispensary may not be a big deal – but to me it is! I live in the middle of nowhere, which is a commonly used expression but in this case it’s true.

There are a lot of farms around here, and the closest thing we have to a town is a cluster of houses with a gas station and a grocery store.

The world keeps turning, and society keeps growing, so recently we were blessed with a little strip mall. There is a post office run by the Amazon army, a hardware store, and a little cannabis dispensary. You have to make an appointment several days in advance if you want to go inside the cannabis dispensary, because mostly it exists as a shipping point. Remember I said the cannabis dispensary was located next door to Amazon? That is not by accident, it’s because this area is a designated hub for marijuana sales throughout the region. The cannabis is shipped here, parceled out, and then delivered to the people in the state who need it. The owner of the place seemed a little surprised that anyone wanted to come into the cannabis dispensary at all. They offer a convenient menu via their online store where people can select whatever marijuana products they want. I wanted the chance to look at all the different strains of cannabis they had, and see what they smell like. When it comes to cannabis, I judge them based on how they smell, not how they look. I have an appointment set for tomorrow.

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