It’s nice to live in a place where recreational marijuana can be legally accessed.

One of the biggest reasons why I moved to this state is due to the legal marijuana laws.

I wanted to be able to use recreational marijuana daily without the fear of being arrested plus thrown into prison. After I moved, I had a lot less daily stress plus anxiety about using recreational plus medical marijuana products. There are many dispensaries situated all over the city. Many of these marijuana dispensaries offer high quality delivery services. On the weekends, the delivery services can get backed up for hours plus times can be quite long for deliveries. Last Tuesday our neighbor plus I placed a bulk order online. The two of us received a cellphone call from the employer of the dispensary only a few minutes later. She went through the order with us item by item. After that was finished, he informed us that it was going to take at least 3 hours for delivery. They were ridiculously busy at the store plus they were short 1 driver. When Bill plus I found out that it was going to take 2 minutes to acquire our marijuana products, the friends I was with and I took an Uber to the dispensary instead. It was only $12 for the Uber to take us to the dispensary plus back home. I absolutely would have gone and tipped the driver at least half that amount on a $200 order. It entirely didn’t cost a lot more money to get an automobile to take us to the shop instead of waiting 3 hours for the marijuana delivery service.



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