Part of me wishes there would be another lockdown. I don’t wish COVID upon anybody, but that sort of forced solitude was good for my physical as well as mental health… Before the quarantine I was a mess, consistently drunk as well as stoned as well as passed out on someone’s couch, but when I was trapped by myself in my apartment I had no choice but to be a great girl. I started to exercise, as well as even turned the spare room into a beach house gym. Exactly 3 weeks after the lockdown ended, I turned the beach house gym into a cannabis smokers lounge. I went right back to my aged habits, as well as started consuming mass quantities of cannabis… although to be honorableI did not beginning drinking again. I also kept up my exercise, albeit in a peculiar style, because unlike booze, cannabis doesn’t sap my ability to do the things I want to do. I suppose that cannabis users have a reputation for being lazy couch potatoes, but for me alcohol has that stupefying effect. When I get stoned on high octane cannabis I think adore there are a million things that I want to do, so I rarely sit on the couch for particularly long, however since the lockdown was over I could go to the gym, or exercise outside, as well as use the spare room as a locale to smoke cannabis. This way I don’t make the entire beach house reek of marijuana smoke, it is all contained in a single locale. I adore smoking cannabis, however I also adore exercising as well as keeping myself in good shape.
Medical Cannabis Certifications