The guy is a delivery driver at night but a mechanic during the day

For the last couple of years, the two of us have been happily working at a marijuana dispensary. The two of us work as a delivery service driver. The two of us do not have any in-store offers or services. There really isn’t even a store where customers can pick up their order. All of the orders have to be placed online as well as they have to be delivered. Sometimes during the morning if I have an extra long run, I will take extra marijuana supplies with me to deliver from all of the people. The two of us tend to find stingy people when we are getting close to the holidays. The two of us were surprised by the low tips during the last two weeks. No one has been spending a lot of money on marijuana and no one has been giving out the tips the way they do in the past. People are saving for the holiday because they know it is going to be the best time of the year to get a good deal on marijuana supplies. I was driving back from a delivery and my car died on the side of the road. It was right after the last delivery, so the people I was with and myself were cheerful that the problem did not occur any sooner than that. Luckily there is a friend of mine that works at the dispensary. The guy is a delivery driver at night but a mechanic during the day. The boss allowed the guy to leave and did not make him clock out. He managed to help me get my car running so I could finish my shift.

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