Up until recently, a medical marijuana card was necessary to visit any of the local dispensaries.

It was a huge relief when recreational weed was finally legalized in my state.

Most of the medicinal dispensaries have gotten approved to sell recreational cannabis as well. Several new dispensaries have been licensed, creating quite a bit of competition. Living in a larger city, I have quick and easy access to multiple dispensaries of varying sizes. Some of them are more boutique style shops while others include bakeries, dab bars, vape lounges and even zen gardens. All I really care about is their selection of dried flower. I’ve been a cannabis flower connoisseur since well before it was legal to indulge. I’ve learned how to tell good quality flower from bad. The local dispensaries only sell lab-tested cannabis, so I don’t need to worry about pesticides, spider mites or mold. However, there is still a big difference between top-shelf flower and budget-friendly varieties. I am willing to pay more to enjoy a superior smoking experience. I don’t want bud that is wet and sticky or dry and crumbly. It needs to be that perfect texture of fat, dense buds that hold together just right. I want the chance to smell the bud before I purchase it. The aroma should be pungent but not be musty, dank or remind me of old hay. I check the colors very carefully. I look for vibrant greens, blues and purples with bright orange pistils. It’s important to me that there is an abundance of whitish trichomes covering the surface. The trichomes are where the cannabinoids and terpenes are contained.
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