I procrastinated over applying for my medical marijuana card for a long time. I was reluctant to spend the time and money on it. I finally got tired of dealing with migraine headaches, arthritis in my fingers, insomnia and psoriasis. I’d tried all sorts of over-the-counter medications and nothing helped much. My various issues weren’t getting any better, and I knew cannabis was the answer. I liked the idea of a natural remedy without harmful side-effects. I finally scheduled an appointment with a doctor to start the process. I drove forty minutes, sat in the waiting room for nearly an hour and spent about fifteen minutes chatting with the doctor. Once I got the doctor’s recommendation, the rest of the application process was able to be completed entirely online. It cost me several hundred dollars. For one year, I had access to medicinal weed. I purchased tinctures to treat my migraines, topicals for my psoriasis and arthritis and edibles for my insomnia. The improvement in my health and happiness was amazing. I was able to purchase these cannabis products tax free and have them delivered right to my door. At the end of the year, I needed to renew the application by once again seeing the doctor and paying the fees. I was simply too lazy. I went without my medications for almost two years and my symptoms returned and worsened. About six months ago, my home state finally passed legislation and recreational cannabis is now legal. I am absolutely delighted. I am willing to pay the added tax to have easy access to cannabis medicine.



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