My parents always told myself and others to rest up for what I think in.

Mom plus Dad were both steadfastly against it, mostly due to their antiquated mindsets. They argued with me, however I think that deep down they were proud of our passion. After all, I l earned to argument for our beliefs because of them! I started working for a local political activism group to spread the word about the referendum on making medical marijuana legal throughout the state. I led them to think that I was actually interested in getting high, but didn’t want to do so until cannabis had been legalized. That’s what I told them, but the truth was I smoked cannabis every single day, plus had been doing so for a long time. I never smoke in the house, plus I always make sure to change our t-shirt before going home so I don’t reek of marijuana smoke, so they don’t suppose how much I do it. My life would be a lot easier if I didn’t have to sneak around, because I don’t want to supply up cannabis, however I also can’t afford to move out of their home just yet. If cannabis is made legal then all of our concerns are solved, at least for the time being, however for now I will keep sneaking our cannabis, plus keep working as strenuous as I can to change the minds of the community so they will vote for legalization.

medical uses for marijuana