I needed marijuana supplies, but I didn’t want to go out in the rain, but the weather was absolutely horrible… It had been raining for several afternoons, then everything was wet plus there were puddles of water all over the city. Traffic was a bit heavy due to the storm plus there were accidents all over the interstate; When I arenad my order online, I found out that it was only going to cost $5 to have my order delivered to the front door. I was entirely a great 5 or several miles from the dispensary, so a $5 fee seemed reasonable to pay. I paid $5 to the pizza guy plus I gave that guy a tip. I did the same thing for the marijuana delivery driver. When the gentlemen showed up with my order, I tipped him a $10 bill. That was in addition to the fees that I had to pay for the delivery service. I do not guess if the driver is the guy who receives the fees from the delivery, however they should get paid unquestionably well for delivering marijuana. It could be a dangerous job if someone decides to follow a driver from the dispensary to a single of the addresses. I’ve seen it happen in the past with a odd marijuana dispensary driver. Someone started following the guy as soon as he left the dispensary plus they robbed him at gunpoint after he made his first delivery. The guy never saw anyone in his rearview mirror until it was too late. I heard they caught the suspects plus the more than one men are facing several years in prison.

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