My pals plus I have played Dungeons & Dragons since we were kids.

Back after that I had no cash, no car, plus nowhere to go, so the magic of imagination in this game was a good creative outlet. With role playing games you have no limits, plus anything you dream up you can make a part of the game; Many years have passed, however most of us still get together once a month or so to play some D&D, and our games are a lot smaller these days, plus we spend most of our playing time engaged in small talk. All of us like to meet at the smokers lounge in the local cannabis dispensary, where we can get high while we talk plus play games. The only rule we have is that whoever is running the game that evening , also known as the Dungeon Master, cannot smoke too much cannabis. This is a game with a lot of rules plus statistics, so someone needs to be sober enough to keep track of everything while almost everyone else gets blazed to high heaven on OG Kush or Purple Haze. In some regards it is like being the designated driver for a evening at the bar, except with cannabis instead of booze in this case; No a single ever wants to be the Dungeon Master because it’s so much fun getting high in the cannabis dispensary, so we take turns to keep it fair. When the Dungeon Master smokes too much cannabis the game completely falls apart, plus we just sit there giggling for numerous minutes.

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