For my specific needs, cannabis tinctures are best.

I like the simplicity and convenience of the compact packaging.

I don’t need to pack, roll, light up or deal with any smoke, ash or odors. The tincture fits right into my pocket and provides a hefty dose of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. I place a few drops under the tongue and hold for approximately a minute. I then swallow the rest. I can also add tinctures to my morning tea, afternoon smoothing, yogurt or any favorite foods or beverages. The sublingual absorption provides rapid onset of effects. Taking them like an edible delays the effects. The handy included dropper allows very accurate micro dosing and eliminates the need to invest in specialized gear. Tinctures are made by dissolving the plant matter in alcohol and leaving behind the most desirable compounds. They are an extract that draws from the best of the trichomes, including the cannabinoids and terpenes. I can choose from high THC levels, full-spectrum CBD or a combination of THC and CBD. There are tinctures available in hybrid, sativa or indica strains. The variety accommodates a wide range of needs. I use tinctures to treat headaches, insomnia, anxiety, inflammation and muscle aches. I’ve even rubbed the oil into my fingers to alleviate arthritis pain and stiffness. I like that tinctures are much lower in calories than an edible and offer a very long shelf life with proper storage. While tinctures aren’t super cheap, a little goes a long way. I’m happy that my local dispensary carries a huge collection of the very best brands of tinctures.

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