I vary between smokable flower, vapes and tinctures

Ever since turning fifty, I’ve struggled to sleep. It’s not unusual for me to lie in bed for three or four hours before finally falling asleep. I typically wake up in an hour or two and start and can’t go back to sleep. I tried sticking to a strict bedtime ritual and sleep schedule. I gave up watching television or looking at a computer screen in the evenings. I ate special foods and sprayed my pillow with the scent of lavender. I sipped tea that was supposed to help me sleep and even tried over-the-counter sleeping pills. Nothing worked for me. I considered heading to the doctor and getting stronger sleeping pills but was scared off by the potential side-effects. It got to the point where I was working out, cleaning and doing paperwork in the middle of the night. I’d then force myself to get up in the morning and go to work. I was so exhausted all the time and yet sleep was impossible. A coworker of mine suggested I try cannabis. I had never considered the possibility of cannabis but was eager to give any new option a chance. In my local area, I have access to legal recreational weed. With a valid identification, I was able to walk into a dispensary, explain my issues to a budtender and make a purchase. I had no idea what type of consumption method, strain or potency I might want. The strains he suggested include Blackberry Kush, Granddaddy Purple, Purple Nepal and Herijuana. He recommended that I focus on either indicas or indica-dominant hybrids because they tend to be more calming. I vary between smokable flower, vapes and tinctures. All of these delivery methods provide a very rapid onset of effects. I also like to eat a small amount of an edible right before bed because the effects can last hours.


Cannabis edibles