I really wasn’t supposed to work at all on tuesday, but the morning delivery driver did not show up and my boss called me to find out if I would come to work for a couple of hours. I was happy to help out plus I did not mind helping out. The boss told me that the store was busy due to the cannabis concentrate line that was out on the same day. There was even a representative in the store that was giving demos away for free. The two of us were supposed to go somewhere with our wife and the two of us didn’t want to absolutely go anywhere after we were tired. My wifey told me that I was going to go to dinner with her and I did not have any choice. Every one of us were meeting her parents. I told my wife that I needed to take a small and short nap before we got started. The two of us laid down on the bed as well as instantly went to sleep. My wifey woke me up as well as told me it was ready to get ready for the evening with her parents. Dinner was nice as well as I was buzzed as well as ready to get the party started. We had drinks all night and I was easily the life of the party after smoking a little bit of recreational marijuana at the house. I’m sure I made a great impression on her parents the first time that I met them at dinner.


Cannabis delivery