I met Mike in college, when we were both living on the same floor of the dormitory.

I had a lot in common with Mike, and we quickly formed a bond that turned into a friendship, one that has now lasted for twenty years! In that time Mike and I both got married, bought houses, settled down, and had a few kids.

Mike lives several hours away from me, so it’s a rare occasion when we can get our families together for a few days. Whenever these weekends happen, we always revisit our old ways, and smoke tons of cannabis. We also drink a lot of bourbon, and beer, but the main thing is cannabis, which we smoke as much as humanly possible in the time we have together. Last time we got together, it was a little bit different, because now our kids are old enough to detect cannabis smoke, and ask questions about it. Cannabis is a hard thing to keep a secret, due to the incredibly strong scent it puts into the air. For this reason, Mike decided to bake up a huge pan of pot brownies, so that we would not need to subject our families to secondhand pot smoke. Little did I know that Mike had microdosed me with psychedelic mushrooms by slipping a few of them into the pot brownies! The combination of magic mushrooms and high grade cannabis made for one crazy weekend! After the fact, my kids asked me why I had been acting so goofy, but I couldn’t tell them could I?

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