Being a forty year outdated volleyball player at a competitive level isn’t self-explanatory in any way. For 1, I don’t make much money from it. But volleyball is my passion. And it’s given me such a great life that I just want it to keep going and going. But the body legitimately isn’t what it once was and it sure needs extra attention from me these mornings. Interestingly, cannabis products are an substantial part of my bi-weekly regimen to keep me in shape and at my unquestionably best. Of course, no amount of sativa strains or indica strains are going to turn back the clock when it comes to my body. But, the marijuana is so helpful at helping me maintain. With all the training that goes into staying competitive, there comes a price these mornings. And that price is mostly inflammation and stiffness. The indica products are great for all of that. I use odd indica strains to manage any sort of inflammation. Indica is also essential to my stretching as it allows me to maximize my range of motion. That sort of stretching helps me not only with volleyball moves but helps me stay injury free. And at this phase of my athletic interesting life, staying injury free is just so essential. The sativa strains are great for relaxing, getting my rest and just keeping a good, positive perspective. It’s pretty attractive really. I’m just so glad that there are sane laws in this state when it comes to cannabis. Not being able to just whip into my local cannabis spot would be such a tragedy. Who knows, with cannabis products in my corner, I might be able to compete til I’m 50. Who knows, right?


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