When I was interviewing for the promotion that I ultimately got, I did not even consider the fact that I’d be moving to a state where cannabis is legal.

That’s mostly because I had worked so hard and for so long just to finally get to this level. And it wasn’t like there was one or even two interviews. I actually had to fly to the corporate offices and then to two other sites as well. It was a process that took nearly six months. Yet, I got the position and have since moved to my new city. The apartment that I took is pretty nice and I am not far from a park. I can walk to work and each day, I pass right by a cannabis dispensary. Recreational marijuana was sort of something I did a few time when I was young. But really, I don’t think it ever had much of an effect given how much I was drinking at those parties. One late evening, as I made my way home from work, I thought I might just take a peek at the cannabis dispensary. I walked in and was immediately impressed by just how nice the place was. It was like a fine wine store or something. The lighting was perfect as was the music. After some perusing of all the aisles of cannabis products, I settled on some cannabis edibles. They have turned out to be invaluable in turning off my stress at night and just simply relaxing before I take it all on again the next day.

Cannabis edibles