I assume had I known just what an pressing position cannabis products would make in my life, I assume I would have been more of a marijuana advocate.

But I just really didn’t believe anything about cannabis other than the misinformation I was fed when I was younger.

That kept me away from any sort of recreational marijuana use in highuniversity and in university. I’m not going to second assume that situation despite the fact that I wonder a bit how much better my life could have been had I tried marijuana back then. However, life has a flow to it and you sort of come to thing when you’re ready perhaps. That’s for sure how it went with cannabis products for me. But thankfully, medical marijuana is available in my state and that was where my relationship with sativa and indica products began. I got sick and the nurse suggested that I get a medical marijuana card. Her feeling was that cannabis had properties that would help me through my treatment both physically and mentally. I was able to then access a cannabis dispensary and was in the capable hands of some really enjoyable cannabis product experts. They not only helped me get through the illness however they are now helping my Dad as she slips further into dementia. The thing that has been so beneficial for Dad when it comes to the cannabis edibles is that she isn’t as scared. The nurse told me not to expect more clarity or lucidity and I haven’t. But just the fact that the cannabis edibles from the local cannabis shop comfort her when she is confused makes all the difference.

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