Look, I was overjoyed when marijuana was legalized in our state.

This was something that I had been advocating for since I was in college.

That was the first time that I ever used recreational marijuana. And I noted right away that I liked the feeling I got from cannabis far more than with alcohol. Yet, I could get locked up for using something that grows so easily it’s called weed. It just made no sense to me why something that was natural, was far less harmful and addictive than alcohol was illegal. No one could really give me a good answer. I was tired of trying to find some marijuana as I didn’t know a cannabis grower. Engaging with drug dealers was nothing I wanted any part of either. Plus, I never knew just what sort of THC content I was getting either. It was just a ludicrous situation. And I joined other like minded people to let those in power know just how badly it needed to change. So that might have a lot to do with why I feel so good when I simply go to a cannabis dispensary to shop for marijuana for sale. I can do it now. I walk the aisles and see so many varieties of sativa strains, hybrid strains and even new cannabis strains for sale. I like to get myself a couple of cannabis edibles when I shop. It’s sort of ironic how passionate I am about marijuana yet when I use it, I don’t need very much.

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