I actually opened a cannabis shop in this tiny town. It began to thrive and due to this I thought that it was good to open up several different locations. Now my company has numerous marijuana dispensary locations. I am pretty particular in that the Edibles are made at home and on site in the Cannabis shop. I also have a dab bar in the store that has an Alice in Wonderland theme. It is easily one of the most popular places in the city. Two of the locations were doing very well, but I realize that one of the other several we’re beginning to struggle. I figured people didn’t really know much about the other places and I was not incredibly sure what to do about this problem. I easily knew that advertising was a must. I wanted to be able to link everything together. Multiple location Advertising Solutions were absolutely the right transport for me. I found a search engine optimization team that helped me create a website and then I linked all of the websites together. When searching for my particular brand, you can easily see now that I have three different local locations. Digital advertising for multiple locations means that every location will have its own separate web page. The search engine optimization satisfied writer made the locations sound particular and individually fun. I actually have separate businesses but the person helped me connect all of them into one location on the web. I can focus on the Cannabis side and then the local person can take care of the website.

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